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FujiFilm strengthens its position in the Mirrorless PremiumCamera Segment - launches a whole new range of X series in India

September 01, 2016


Sept 1, 2016, New Delhi: Fujifilm India Private Limited, a leader in a broad spectrum of imaging industries, is all set to strengthen its postion in the mirrorless premium camera segment by adding six new cameras to its flagship X series with the launch of X70, X100T, XA2, XE2S, XPro2, and XT10 cameras. While there has been a decline in the demand for entry level compact digital cameras largely taken over by smartphones, Fujifilm is focussing on customers who are looking for better quality pictures. These customers are essentialy either serious amatuers or professional photographers. The advantage of an X Series mirrorless camera lies in its compact size packed with cutting edge innovative technology and unique features that provide great controls needed by an advanced digital  camera user along with excellent color reproduction and image quality.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Yasunobu Nishiyama, Managing Director, Fujiflm India Pvt Ltd., said, “The X series was first introduced in March 2011 and is now the most widely accepted mirrorless camera worldwide. In India too, the Mirrorless Camera Segment has been growing  continuously which is the reason why we see so much scope in the Mirrorless Camera Market. It will be our continued endeavour to delight our customers by launching exciting new X Series line up in the coming years as well.”

The first in this series, FujiFilm X70, the smallest and lightest model with an APS-C sized sensor, is a premium compact digital camera. It features a new FUJINON 18.5mm F2.8 lens suitable for a range of applications from landscapes to snapshots in addition to an APS-C sized X-Trans CMOS II sensor and EXR Processor II image processing engine. The X70 is Priced at Rs. 61,999/-

Featuring the world’s first Electronic Rangefinder, the third generation FujiFilm X100T premium digital compact an APS-C size X-Trans CMOS II sensor, high-speed EXR Processor II image processing engine and a FUJINON 23mm F2 lens. The X100T delivers unsurpassed image quality thanks to advanced color reproduction technology and the new unique Classic Chrome film simulation mode. Following up with the legacy of X100 and X100S, the new X100T marks the ultimate evolution as the third generation of the X100 Series, reflecting the feedback from customers for each and every part, including image quality, viewfinder and operability. Priced at Rs.115, 999/- It is available in both black and silver versions.  


Next in the series, FUJIFILM X-A2 is a  premium interchangeable lens camera with 175° tilting LCD and new Eye Detection Auto Focus for perfect selfies. Offering outstanding color reproduction, enhanced autofocusing and superb resolution, the X-A2 makes it easier than ever before for photographers to get the premium image quality that’s become synonymous with Fujifilm’s X Series.

The X-A2 features Fujifilm’s newly developed Eye Detection AF, Auto Macro AF and Multi-Target "MULTI AF" for fast and accurate autofocusing. It’s also the first X Series model to sport a 175-degree tilting LCD making it easier to take selfies and it comes with the new XC16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OIS II kit lens, which has a class-leading minimum working distance of 15cm (approx. 7cm from the edge of the lens) for macro photography. The X-A2 is priced at Rs.48,499/-

The latest rangefinder-style model in the X-Series range, the FUJIFILM X-E2S features optimum AF performance and easy handling. The X-E2S has a durable, compact and lightweight body with a Real-Time Viewfinder that offers a large display magnification of 0.62x and an electronic viewfinder with the world's shortest display time lag of 0.005 seconds. It also comes equipped with an AF system that excels at capturing moving subjects. The new model inherits the functionality and rangefinder-style design of the original X-E2, and adds new features including an improved grip, an electronic shutter and a more intuitive GUI to enhance the user experience. With this launch, X-E2S becomes the latest premium mirrorless camera to join the world-renowned X-Series. The X-E2S is priced at Rs.61,999/-

FUJIFILM X-T10 is the latest premium interchangeable lens model to join the world-renowned X-series digital camera line-up. It boasts of outstading image quality courtesy unique color reproduction technology. Aimed at Photography Enthusiasts, the X-T10 combines a compact and lightweight body with a new AF system that excels at capturing moving subjects. It is also equipped with an electronic Real Time Viewfinder, which boasts an impressive 0.62x*1 magnification ratio, high-definition precision 2.36 million dot

 display and the shortest time lag of 0.005 seconds. It is priced at Rs.69,999/-

*1 Market leading viewfinder magnification ratio. Approx. 0.62x magnification 50mm (35mm format equivalent) at infinity and diopter set to -1.0 m-1

Taking perfromance to new heights, the FUJIFILM X-PRO2 , a premium mirrorless camera, offers the world’s only Hybrid Multi Viewfinder and features a brand new 24MP X-Trans III sensor. The new model boasts a Hybrid Viewfinder capable of instantly switching between optical and electronic finders, plus an updated image sensor and processor, which dramatically improve image quality. By combining these features with the ultra-high image quality of FUJINON X-Mount lenses and the color reproduction technology accumulated through more than 80 years as a photographic film manufacturer, the X-Pro2 delivers the best ever results from an X-series camera. With this launch, the X-Pro2 becomes the only mirrorless camera in the world featuring a Hybrid Viewfinder system that incorporates both types of viewfinder. The Fujifilm X-Pro2 is priced at Rs.147,999/-

About Fujifilm

Fujifilm established in 1934 has believed in Innovation and creation of new values through leading edge and proprietary technologies. FUJIFILM India as a firm believer in sophistication, continues to work hard to provide the Indian consumer the best products and services.

Our corporate slogan is “Value from Innovation.”

Along with expressing Fujifilm's commitment to continuously creating innovative technologies, products and services that empower the potential and expand the horizons of tomorrow's businesses and lifestyles, the slogan also encapsulates the company's desire to combine our own original technology with human resources, expertise and technology from around the world both internally and externally to create innovation. A new brand statement has also been created to articulate these commitments more specifically, and the slogan encapsulates the main points of the brand statement.

Our Goal is to be a company that is able to resolve a diverse variety of the problems that face society, contribute to the world through the continuous creation of value – added products and services, and achieve sustainable growth through constant innovation. That was the commitment we made to the world when we launched our new corporate slogan

“Value from Innovation”. We quickly ascertain customer needs, and communicate these clearly and accurately to those involved in product development.  Instant camera – instax is successful example of this in Photo Imaging business which was developed after accurately assessing market demands and with all related business divisions working together throughout the entire process from production to sales on a worldwide scale.

Media contact:

Abha Mary Xess

PR and Media Relations

Fujifilm India Pvt. Ltd.

Mobile: +91 8588818638



X70 Product Features

  • Function-driven FUJINON 18.5mm F2.8 lens
  • Easy operation and a premium finish
  • Perfect your photos with Film Simulation modes and other creative features
  • Intuitive operation with the touchscreen display
  • Digital Tele-converter* with three settings
  • AF system with Zone and Wide/Tracking modes for effortless capture of moving subjects
  • Full HD video with the X-Trans CMOS II sensor
  • Built in Wi-Fi for shooting from your smartphone or tablet devices*1
  • * The image quality may degrade when using the Digital Tele-converter function. Phase detection AF is only effective in the center of the screen. Contrast AF is enabled for the rest of the screen

    *1 Android™, smartphone and table devices, iPhone / iPad.

    X100T Product Features

  • World’s first Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder, complete with Electronic Rangefinder 
  • Increased operability
  • New Classic Chrome Film Simulation
  • Installed with the fastest electronic shutter at 1/32000 sec. , expanding the shooting range
  • Full HD video with the X-Trans CMOS II sensor
  • Built in Wi-Fi for shooting from your smartphone or tablet devices
  • A high-performance system that delivers high image quality and fast response
  • A true system camera with a range of accessories, including two conversion lenses and a new hand grip.
  • X-A2 Product Features

  • Outstanding photo quality and versatile creative functions using color reproduction technology 80 years in the making
  • Now first-time users of interchangeable lens cameras can enjoy premium image quality
  • 175-degree tilting high-definition LCD monitor enables creative shots from multiple angles
  • Super Intelligent Flash optimizes light output according to individual scenes
  • A wide array of shooting modes: Film Simulation, Advanced Filters and Multiple Exposure
  • Full HD movie shooting
  • Instant transfer of premium-quality X Series images to your mobile device and computer
  • Available in two Perfect lens kits: A compact and lightweight standard zoom lens equivalent to 24mm* at the wide-angle end, and a telephoto zoom lens with focal lengths extending from 76mm* to 350mm*2
  • *2 equivalent to 35mm format

    X-E2S Product Features

  • Compact, rangefinder-style and lightweight body features improved grip and dials for easy operation
  • Real-Time Viewfinder
  • The X-TransTM CMOS II Sensor and EXR Processor II engine combine to deliver outstanding image quality and high-speed performance
  • New AF system with Zone and Wide/Tracking modes for easy capture of moving subjects
  • A comprehensive line-up of 21 FUJINON X-mount lenses, covering ultra-wide-angle to super telephoto options
  • Create unique photos with Film Simulation modes and other artistic features
  • Full HD video with the X-TransTM CMOS II sensor
  • Built in Wi-Fi for shooting from your smartphone or tablet devices*3
  • *3 Android™, smartphone and table devices, iPhone / iPad

    • Premium accessory line-up

    X-T10 Product Features

  • All-new design packs X Series’ operability into a compact and lightweight body
  • Real Time Viewfinder
  • The X-TransTM CMOS II Sensor and EXR Processor II engine combine to deliver outstanding image quality and high speed performance
  • New AF system with Zone and Wide/Tracking modes for effortless capture of moving subjects
  • 18 high-performance FUJINON X-mount lenses that deliver premium image quality and expand the scope of photography
  • Perfect your color photos with Film Simulation and artistic photography
  • Full HD video with the X-TransTM CMOS II sensor
  • Built in Wi-Fi for shooting from your smartphone or tablet devices*6
  • Premium accessory line-up
  •  *6 Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance®.

    X-PRO2 Product Features

  • The highest resolution sensor to date in an X-series camera and unique color technologies developed over more than 80 years as a film manufacturer offer ultimate image quality
  • Ultra-high performance X-Processor Pro boosts processing speeds by 4x that of a conventional processor.
  • The world's first Advanced Hybrid Multi Viewfinder, which combines switchable optical and electronic viewfinders
  • The number of selectable focusing points has been expanded from 49 on previous models to 77 for greater functionality and faster autofocus
  • Rugged and reliable body that is ready for anything professional users can throw at it
  • With key functions located on the right hand side of the camera body, all main controls can be accessed without taking your eye from the viewfinder
  • New graphical user interface designy
  • Accessories for extra convenience
  • Interval timer shooting