Luxel V-8HS

The high speed optics system on “Luxel V-8HS” platesetter is capable of world-leading productivity levels. Combining a newly designed mirror spinning at 60,000 rpm and twin laser optics, the Luxel V-8HS can output 50 B1 plates per hour at 2,400 dpi and 70 plates per hour at 1,200 dpi, making it the fastest B1 commercial engine on the market today. At 2,400 dpi the Luxel V-8 HS can produce a four-colour B1 set in just 4 1/2 minutes.


  • 50 plates per hour at 2,400 dpi
  • 70 plates per hour at 1,200 dpi
  • Rapid restart feature
  • Twin laser redundancy
  • Continuous unattended operation
  • Automatic interleaf removal
  • Violet optics, imaging life expectancy of 5,000 hours
  • All of the advantages of Fujifilm Violet laser replacement, maintenance and warranty costs
  • Internal drum for image accuracy, repeatability and registration
  • Fujifilm manufactured laser pen for optimum optics performance