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Stereotactic Biopsy Unit (Optional)

Accurate and efficient stereotactic biopsy

When the AMULET Innovality is used along with this optional Stereotactic Biopsy Positioner, it enables accurate and reliable procedure with high resolution images.


Stereotactic biopsy examination with high resolution -50µm pixel size

AMULET Innovality employs a direct-conversion flat panel detector made of Amorphous Selenium (a-Se) which exhibits excellent conversion efficiency in the mammographic X-ray spectrum. The new HCP (Hexagonal Close Pattern) detector efficiently collects electrical signals converted from X-rays to realize both high resolution and low noise. This unique design makes it possible to realize a higher DQE (Detective Quantum Efficiency) than with the square pixel array of conventional TFT panels. With the information collected by the HCP detector, AMULET Innovality creates high definition images with a pixel size of 50 µm; the finest available with a direct-conversion detector.

[Image] Stereotactic biopsy examination with high resolution -50µm pixel pitch

Easy positioning of patients

The stereotactic biopsy unit allows accurate and reliable biopsy procedures to be performed using high resolution images.

Flexible positioning of tube and detector from -90° to +90° is available. Ergonomically designed arm rests and disposable soft pads help to make patients more comfortable.


[Image] Easy positioning of patients

Targeting support functions / Safety functions

  • High resolution dual display system, targeting guide function on stereo images, various image processing and other useful functions make targeting accurate and easy.*1
  • An indication of needle depth within the breast is provided on the Biopsy device.*2
    (This function helps prevent the needle from accidentally damaging the exposure table.)
  • Target position is shown via a diagram on the display screen. After determination of the target position, fine adjustment of the Z coordinate is possible.*3
[Image] Targeting support functions / Safety functions

Lateral approach (optional)

By attaching the lateral adapter, puncture can be performed not only vertically but also laterally to the compressed breast. Two puncture directions are now available, enabling wider application of mammographic needle biopsy.

Tomosynthesis Biopsy (optional)

Targeting is supported using both tomosynthesis and stereoscopic images: the choice depends on operator confidence and lesion positioning. Tomosynthesis acquisition can be performed in both ST (Standard) and HR(High Resolution) modes, according to desired accuracy and lesion size.


  • Using a tomosynthesis image, it makes it possible to target the lesion which cannot be found on 2D image.
  • Thanks to easier lesion position identification, tomosynthesis targeting results in a more efficient workflow and more simple operation.



  • Dimentions (W×D×H): 270 × 205 × 310 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 5.5 kg
  • Powersource:
    • Input voltage: AC 200-240 V
    • Phase: Single
    • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
    • Rated current: 3.0 A
  • Needles:
    • CNB: Gauge: 14G-22G, Length: 60-120 mm
    (For VAB products, please refer to sales representatives of Fujifilm medical equipment.)


  • This product can be used in combination with AMULET Innovality.