Go beyond expectations.

Go beyond expectations. Fujifilm's latest DR mobile x-ray system features a small sleek maneuverable platform with the full featured performance of integrated Fujifilm proprietary digital imaging, designed to deliver outstanding image quality with and dose efficiency in a solid reliable design.

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Designed with all of the features technologists requested most, FDR Go is a complete transportable x-ray system that delivers exceptional efficiency combined with Fujifilm's renowned imaging.

  • FDR Go combines patented engineering benefits of FDR D-EVO detectors with Irradiated Side Sampling (ISS) and our latest Dynamic Visualization™, processing for exceptional image quality and low dose for portable exams.
  • Sleek, small design with a quiet, smooth-drive, the system is designed for precision, maneuverability, and patient comfort
  • Easy-to-use technologist workstation features the same intuitive interface as Fujifilm's family of digital x-ray consoles, along with convenient portable exam tools & shortcuts

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