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At a Glance

The FDR-flex - DR on call!

Fujifilm's DR solutions for Veterinary practices are lightweight and durable. FDR D-EVO digital flat panel detectors easily fit your existing x-ray equipment without any modifications, and are great for table top work.

Exotics and small animals, and delicate small bones require the ability to see fine detail. All FDR D-EVO digital detectors feature ISS technology for exceptional detail with very low noise - even at very low dose. FDR D-EVO is available in standard sizes including 14x17", 17x17" and a convenient, small 24x30cm.

FDR-flex portable DR lets you use existing mobile analog x-ray units, portable x-ray devices, and x-ray rooms without modifications to acquire exceptional quality DR images. Simply bring the small detector communication briefcase, FDX Console laptop PC, and detector to any x-ray source and generate an image instantly. All done wirelessly! The communication briefcase is designed to fit into the cassette storage bin of most portable x-ray units. The panel does not require any connection to the x-ray source as it automatically senses x-ray, making this system completely wireless and transportable.

Transportable, compact, wireless
All components of FDR-flex are extremely compact, lightweight and battery-powered for easy and fast portability. FDR-flex is great for use in hospitals, clinics and remote environments, where speed and efficiency are essential. FDR-flex can also serve as reliable backup. FDR-flex can be used with Fujifilm's wireless FDR D-EVO panels. Image previews are available on the console in just 1-2 seconds. All FDR D-EVO panels feature Fujifilm's patented ISS image technology for exceptional image quality at low doses.