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X Series


X100F - ₹94,899 Black & Silver

Product Views

Parts Diagram


  1. 1.AF-assist illuminator /
    Self-timer lamp
  2. 2.Viewfinder selector
  3. 3.Front command dial
  4. 4.Strap eyelet
  5. 5.Control ring options button /
    Function button (Fn2)
  6. 6.Connector cover
  7. 7.Microphone / remote release connector
  8. 8.HDMI Micro connector (Type D)
  9. 9.Serial number plate
  10. 10.Micro USB (Micro-B) USB 2.0 connector
  11. 11.Battery-chamber cover
  1. 12.Battery-chamber cover latch
  2. 13.Cable channel cover for DC coupler
  3. 14.Battery latch
  4. 15.Memory card slot
  5. 16.Battery chamber
  6. 17.Flash
  7. 18.Viewfinder window
  8. 19.Lens
  9. 20.Focus mode selector
  10. 21.Speaker
  11. 22.Tripod mount


  1. 1.Control ring / Focus ring
  2. 2.Aperture ring
  3. 3.Microphone
  4. 4.Hot shoe
  5. 5.Front ring
  1. 6.ON/OFF switch
  2. 7.Shutter button
  3. 8.Metering button
    Function button (Fn1)
  4. 9.Exposure compensation dial
  5. 10.Shutter speed dial /sensitivity dial


  1. 1.Eye sensor
  2. 2.Diopter adjustment control
  3. 3.Viewfinder window
  4. 4.VIEW MODE button
  5. 5.Focus stick (focus lever)
  6. 6.(playback) button
  7. 7.LCD monitor
  8. 8.(delete) button
  1. 9.AEL/AFL (autoexposure/autofocus lock) button
  2. 10.Rear command dial
  3. 11.Q (quick menu) button
    Quick menu edit / custom settings button
    (press and hold while quick menu is displayed) 
    RAW conversion button (playback mode)
  4. 12.Indicator lamp
  5. 13.MENU / OK button
    (control lock) button (press and hold)
  6. 14.Selector / function buttons
  7. 15.DISP (display) / BACK button
    Function button role selection (press and hold)