Features of 3D Synchronous System

In order to create 3D images, the left and right lens must be at precisely the same focal length and focus position. For 3D applications, it is imperative that gear backlash must be minimized to the greatest extent possible. This requires very high optical quality and mechanical stability. FUJINON 3D lenses with our Precision Servo Controllers meet these requirements by incorporating the highest quality HD optics, close tolerance mechanical design and precise zoom and focus control servos.

Synchronous Control Joint Box

Fujifilm's 3D lens joint box synchronizes two lenses so that the zooming and focusing move in precise union.

  • Built in standard Focus Demand
[Photo] HJ-303A-06A
  • Operates with all current focus and zoom demands (Both DIGIPOWER and standard features can be used)
  • Built in encoder connector and serial Remote Control
  • Operates with all current standard extension cables (between the Focus / Zoom demands and Joint Box)
[Photo] HJ-303A-08A

3D Lens System Chart

[Image] 3D Lens System Chart