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Color Negative Film

Photofinishing - Color Negative Film

FUJIFILM offers a full range of chemicals for processing CN-16 negative films for minilabs, including New range of Cartridge chemicals system for 363 FA and 563 FA film processors.

  • 850006 CN-16Q NQ3-R (2X8L)
  • 850007 CN-16Q NQS-R (10X8L
  • 850009 CN-16Q NQ1-S (10X12L)
  • 850045 CN-16Q NQ2-R PART A (2X8L)
    CN-16Q NQ2-R PART B (2X8L)
  • 850064 CN-16L N3-RK (4X2L)
    CN-16L N1-S (8X10L)
  • 850066 CN-16L N1-S (8X10L)
  • 850067 CN-16L N1-CR PART A (2X10L)
    CN-16L N1-CR PART B (2X10L)
    CN-16L N1-CR PART C (2X10L)
  • 850070 CN-16L N2R KK (4X2L)
  • 850078 CN-16S NC1 N1-R PART A
    CN-16S NC1 N2R K
    CN-16S NC1 N3-R
  • 850085 CN-16S NC2 N1-R PART B
    CN-16S NC2 N4-R K
  • 850086 CN-16Q/L N4R (10X8L)
  • 850087 CN-16Q/L N4R (4X4L)
  • 850114 CN-16S N1 PART A SUC
    CN-16S N1 PART B SUC
    CN-16S N1 PART C SUC
  • 850117 CN-16S N2 SUC
  • 850118 CN-16S N3 SUC
  • 850119 CN-16S N4 SUC
  • 850123 CN-16Q NQ1-R PART A (2X10L)
    CN-16Q NQ1-R PART B (2X10L)
    CN-16Q NQ1-R PART C (2X10L)
  • 850180 CN-16Q NQ1-Rs PART A (4X5L)
    CN-16Q NQ1-Rs PART B (4X5L)
    CN-16Q NQ1-Rs PART C (4X5L)
  • 850183 CN-16Q NQ2-Rs PART A (4X4L)
    CN-16Q NQ2-Rs PART B (4X4L)
  • 850185 CN-16Q NQ3-Rs (4X4L)