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Color Paper

Photofinishing - Color Paper

FUJIFILM offers a wide range of FA processing chemicals including NEW range of Cartridge chemicals system for Frontier processors.

Frontier Color Paper Chemistry (Cartridge chemicals)

  • 850018 CP-49LR PCX2
  • 850060 CP-49E PCX2 K
  • 850106 CP-49E P1 SUC 3.7L
  • 850108 CP-49E P2 SUC 3.7L
  • 850110 CP-48S II P1 SUC 4.2L
  • 850112 CP-48S II P2 SUC 4.2L
  • 850247 CP-48HV II PCX2
  • 855004 CP-49E PCX2 K

CP-40SP/CP-43FA II/CP-47HV Color Paper Process

  • 850158 CP-40 SP P1R (4X5L)
  • 850169 CP-40 FA II P1-Ss (10X8.5L)
  • 850235 CP-40 SP P2R (4X5L)
  • 850240 CP-47HV II P1R (4X2.5L)
  • 850241 CP-47HV II P2R (2X4L)
  • 850250 CP-47HV II P1S (10X10L)
  • 850460 CP-40 FA II P1R KK (4X5L)
  • 850423 CP-40 FA II P2R (4X5L)
  • 850661 CP43 FA II P1LR PART B FLEX (16X10L)
  • 850662 CP43 FA II P1LR PART C FLEX (16X10L)