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Color Reversal Film

Photofinishing - Color Reversal Film

FUJIFILM offers a full range of CR-56 chemicals for developing color reversal films.

  • 850200 CR-56P H3-R UNC (1X50L)
  • 850618 CR-56P H1S (10x100L)
  • 850620 CR-56P H3-S (10X100L)
  • 850623 CR-56P H5-S (4X100L)
  • 850624 CR-56P H6/H6-R (4X19L)
  • 850635 CR-56P H2II/H2-IIR K (4X19L)
  • 850638 CR-56P H3R PART B (15X19L)
  • 850641 CR-56P H3R PART B (10X50L)
  • 850670 CR-56P H4II/H4II-R (4X19L)
  • 850673 CR-56P H7III/H7-IIIR (10X50L)
  • 850682 CR-56P H5II-R 9.5L
  • 850686 CR-56P H5II-R 5L UN