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Color Negative Film

Photofinishing - Color Negative Film

FUJI HUNT offers a full range of chemicals for processing C41 negative films. This system is based on liquid concentrates designed to process all films compatible with the C41 process. Negacolor chemicals may be used in continuous film processors, automatic batch processors (rack & tank), manual tanks, disc processors and in roller transport processors. Options are available covering process C41B, C41RA and other proprietary C41 processes in addition to the standard C41 process. Super stabilizers are available for washless processors.

FUJI HUNT also offers the ADM range of products for use in AGFA D-LAB 1 and D-LAB 1S film processors.


  • 815201 ADM F1 4XNC1
  • 815204 ADM F2 DL 2XNC2
  • 815210 ADM F2 FP 2XNC2

C-41/ C-41 B/BNP / C-41RA Process

  • 815305 CN2S STR [CN/BNP/RA BL] 6X1L
  • 815317 CN4R (4X100L)
  • 818213 NEGA LR DEV STR 210L
  • 818301 NEGA-2 D/R (2X50L)
  • 818304 NEGA-2 D/R (4X10L)
  • 830012 NEGA BL/R B/BNP-N2R (2X10L)
  • 830028 NEGA F/R B/BNP-N3R (4X10L)
  • 872995 CN3R UNIVERSAL F/R (4X25L)
  • 873075 ULTRA NEGA-2 BL (4X12.5L)
  • 873201 CN1LR D/R [A] (1X250L)
  • 873202 CN1LR D/R [B]&[C] (2X250L)
  • 873205 NEGA LR D/R (4X10L)
  • 873208 NEGA LR D/R (2X50L)
  • 873213 CN1S - NEGA LR/NEG-2 STR 6X1L
  • 873800 NEGA BL/REPL RA-N2R 210L
  • 873801 NEGA BL/REPL RA-N2R 2X5L RTU
  • 873831 NEGA RA-N3R (4X10L)