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Color Reversal Film

Photofinishing - Color Reversal Film

FUJI HUNT C6R chemicals are designed for prolabs. The C6R range of chemicals has been designed for processing all brands of film compatible with process E6. C6R chemicals are all-liquid and can be used in various types of automatic processing machines.

C6R First Developer Replenisher and C6R Colour Developer Replenisher are recommended to those laboratories having an average production throughput. C6R Reversal has been introduced to give an improved process with the latest generations of film emulsions from all manufacturers. C6R Bleach/Fixer and C6R Final Rinse have completed our product offering and have been very successfully introduced and accepted in the market.

  • 873226 C6R 1st D/S 6X1L
  • 873230 C6R BL/STR 6X1L
  • 873234 C6R COLOR D/S 6X1L
  • 873331 C6R 1st D/R (4X25L)
  • 873372 C6R BL/REPL (RTU)
  • 873380 C6R COND/REPL (4X25L)
  • 873398 C6R COLOR D/R (2X25L)
  • 873635 C6R REV BATH/REPL 6X1L