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Women's Health Care Imaging

Digitization to Enhance Accuracy of Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Revolutionary techniques and a wealth of experience has enabled high-precision and high-resolution mammography

Our FCR for mammography obtained the Premarket Approval (PMA) from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FCR is able to offer the world's top class quality and effective workflow. Also, Fujifilm has been contributing to the early detection and treatment of breast cancer through the promotion of the Pink Ribbon campaign by directing women's awareness towards this cancer.

Digital mammography system AMULET Innovality equipped with a novel direct conversion FPD with a pixel size of 50µm

AMULET Innovality – the result of Fujifilm’s ongoing “innovation” and commitment to providing top “quality” mammography services. The Innovality utilises Fujifilm’s unique a-Se direct conversion flat panel detector (FPD)* to produce clear images with a low X-ray dose. This system makes use of intelligent AEC (i-AEC) combined with a new image analysis technology to automatically optimize the X-ray dosage for each breast type. AMULET Innovality employs a direct-conversion flat panel detector made of Amorphous Selenium (a-Se) which exhibits excellent conversion efficiency in the mammographic X-ray spectrum. The new HCP (Hexagonal Close Pattern) detector efficiently collects electrical signals converted from X-rays to realize both high resolution and low noise. This unique design makes it possible to realize a higher DQE (Detective Quantum Efficiency) than with the square pixel array of conventional TFT panels. With the information collected by the HCP detector, AMULET Innovality creates high definition images with a pixel size of 50 µm; the finest available with a direct-conversion detector.

Fine displaying/diagnosing realized by high-precision and high-resolution imaging technology

Image shot on the IP is read on the PROFECT CS/ONE image reader which employs dual-side reading technology with a resolution of 50µm. The CR Console then automatically optimizes the image for diagnosis. This device also supports diagnosis using such high image processing technology as the blackening of white areas, MFP-DRC (clearly displays the skin line by adjusting the direct range of the image density).

Workflow optimized from a radiologist point of view

To cope with mammography equipment that takes breast images bi-directionally (horizontally and longitudinally), the PROFECT CS has four stackers for reading four IP cassettes in One process thus increasing the productivity.


A simple and efficient environment for mammography examinations

Optimal output for optimal diagnosis

The DRYPIX4000 and 7000 are able to output mammography images onto films at the same resolution as they were read by FCR at 50µm. Also, in addition to the DI-HL dry imaging film, the DI-ML dry imaging film which is dedicated to mammography, can be used. On the DI-ML, an optimized contrast and a background density of D-max 4.0 can be realized.
The Fujifilm dry imaging film is manufactured using the world's first "water-based solvent emulsion" method which does not use harmful organic solvents. As a result, there is no odor at image recording, displaying, or storing process.

Automatic input/printing of image taking conditions which are indispensable to mammography

The image taking conditions and imaging data input to the mammography can be managed together with the patient data, and be automatically output onto film if required. Therefore, you need not input imaging data manually. Automatic printing is dependent on the mammography equipment. For details on the capabilities, please contact your local representative.

Printing two images on One film (2 on 1 format), improving control of hardcopy films

An image of the left and right breast can be displayed on One 26 cm x 36 cm film without reducing the magnification. Therefore, an original image can be obtained without any blurs. As a result, an entire breast image can be displayed on the screen without having to change film pages thus realizing speedier processing. In addition, the storing of hardcopy films is greatly rationalized.

We present reliable technology that is globally recognized

[Figure] EUREF logoFujifilm's Computed Radiography (FCR) System which realizes high-resolution image processing and enhanced mammography diagnosis has obtained a PMA (Premarket Approval) from the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the world's first for a CR mammography system. Also, the FCR has been approved by the NHS (National Health Service) of the U.K. as the only CR mammography system to meet the EUREF (European Reference Organization for Quality Assured Breast Screening and Diagnostic Service).