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Probes for FAZONE CB


[Photo] FZT C6-2 Probe
Product Name FZT C6-2 Probe
Type Convex
Frequency 6 - 2 (MHz)
Use General abdomen
[Photo] FZT C9-3 Probe
Product Name FZT C9-3 Probe
Type Convex
Frequency 9 - 3 (MHz)
Use Infant abdomen
[Photo] FZT P4-1c Probe
Product Name FZT P4-1c Probe
Type Sector
Frequency 4 - 1 (MHz)
Use Adult heart
[Photo] FZT P4-1 Probe
Product Name FZT P4-1 Probe
Type Sector
Frequency 4 - 1 (MHz)
Use Abdominal intercostal /
deep internal organs
[Photo] FZT P10-4 Probe
Product Name FZT P10-4 Probe
Type Sector
Frequency 10 - 4 (MHz)
Use Neonatal cranium / abdomen
[Photo] FZT L10-5 Probe
Product Name FZT L10-5 Probe
Type Linear
Frequency 10 - 5 (MHz)
Use Superficial organs,
peripheral arteries
[Photo] FZT L8-3 Probe
Product Name FZT L8-3 Probe
Type Linear
Frequency 8 - 3 (MHz)
Use Peripheral arteries ,
superficial organs
[Photo] FZT L14-5w Probe
Product Name FZT L14-5w Probe
Type Linear
Frequency 14 - 5 (MHz)
Use Superficial organs ,
mammary glands
[Photo] FZT L14-5sp Probe
Product Name FZT L14-5sp Probe
Type Linear
Frequency 14 - 5 (MHz)
Use Superficial organs
[Photo] FZT E9-4 Probe
Product Name FZT E9-4 Probe
Type Transvaginal
Frequency 9 - 4 (MHz)
Use Internal body cavity