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Features of 35mm PL Mount Zoom Lens

Digital Cinema cameras with high-resolution imaging devices that rival the quality of film, have begun production for theatrical release. It has long been desired to improve upon the optical characteristics and performance of the lens to meet the quality of these cameras. Fujifilm engineers exhaustively developed The Premier PL series utilizing the expertise gained from the lens design process honed over many years, thus a whole new "35mm PL Mount Zoom Lens" series has been developed based upon this knowledge.

Ultimate high performance

FUJINON's experience gained from the design and implementation of our Cine Super e series lenses helped form the basis of the PL series. Customers provided valuable feedback from the many theatrical features and TV commercials shot using the cine super lenses. Both a speciallow dispersion glass, as well as a high refractive index glass are arranged to achieve optimal balance. The zoom mechanism suppresses aberration change from the WIDE side to TELE end by adopting our exclusive floating method. PL series lenses feature a special new EBC coating to reduce flare and ghosts to improve image quality. In addition, the contrast performance is rich, the resolution - superb. The net results are lenses with excellent overall balance. The Fujinon PL lenses are consistent at every focal length, object distance and T stop combination.

[Photo] Ultimate high performance

High resolution throughout the zoom range

Prime lenses have long been the choice for optimal performance, thus various fixed focal length lens had to be employed for shooting. The Fujinon PL lens series, with high resolution throughout zoom range make a compelling argument for utilizing one zoom lens in place of multiple primes. This will ultimately save time and money in all productions.

High performance at wide apertures

Compared to a general broadcast video lens, the Fujinon PL lenses have a large diameter front element, providing a very fast T-Stop, combined with a large imager, bring extraordinary depth and realism to the screen.

Temperature shift control technology

Materials have been carefully selected as to minimize flange back shift over a wide temperature range. Due to the nature of HD cameras, Fujinon has employed a method for users to perform flange focal adjustment without the need of special tools.
No shims are required.

[Photo] Temperature shift control technology

Best performance with replacement lens mount

Fujinon PL mount lenses can achieve high optical performance with both film cameras and digital cameras. For users seeking the best performance, the lenses are equipped with a unique new mechanism to replace the lens mount. The PL lenses can readily be optimized to get the best optical properties possible.

Constant T-No.

Changes in the T-No. when zooming is considered undesirable in cinematography. Therefore demand for constant T-No. Fujinon's PL mount Cine lens series maintains a constant T-No., from the wide end to telephoto end. (HK5.3x75 : T-No. 2.8-3.8)

Color matching

In cinematography, lenses are chosen for each scene according to focal length, making it extremely important that all lenses have the same color-balance. Fujinon's PL mount cine lens series are designed and manufactured to exhibit the same transmission characteristics by using various glass materials in ideal balance and by adoption of our New EBC Coating, optimized for each optical element. This eliminates time spent for color adjustment in post, and contributes to overall savings, as well as image performance.

New development of 9 iris blades

In order to improve the depiction of a more natural out of focus image, Fujinon has developed a new 9 blade iris for the PL mount cine lenses. Images of bright objects, not in critical focus, will look more natural and pleasing to the eye.

[Photo] New development of 9 iris blades

Minimized focus breathing

For most standard lenses, when focusing, the field of view changes as though the lens is zooming. The phenomenon is called focus breathing or pumping. Fujinon PL mount cine lenses have adopted an inner focus and floating method for the lens focus structure to eliminate the focus breathing phenomenon to a level which does not interfere the visual content of the production.

Uniformed size and shape, popular accessories can be used

Fujinon has unified the size and shape of the Fujinon PL mount cine lens series for efficient workflow. All Fujinon PL mount cine lens front diameters are 136mm, focus and iris gear diameter, thread pitch and positions are also unified. Matte-box, follow-focus and other cinematography accessories of ARRIFLEX, CROSZIEL, etc. are compatible.

Detachable drive unit (for Light Weight Zoom series)

The lens features a unique and advanced "Detachable" rive Unit, a first in the Light Weight Zoom lens category. The drive unit can be easily detached or reattached according to the specific shoot requirements and be remotely operated via existing FUJINON servo zoom and focus controller as well as industry standard third party controls.

The drive unit features serial communication allowing for a variety of shooting scenarios as well as newly developed 16bit rotary encoders providing extraordinary control precision and simple integration into virtual systems.

[Photo] Detachable drive unit (for Light Weight Zoom series) [Photo] Detachable drive unit (for Light Weight Zoom series)

Improved Index Mark Visibility (for Light Weight Zoom series)

The Index Marks for zoom, focus and it is follow the proven universal design Premier PL series lenses. In addition, to improve visibility in low light situations, the index marks employ luminous paint.

[Photo] ※ image of luminous index

Macro Feature (for Light Weight Zoom series)

The lens is equipped with a Macro feature allowing unique close focusing, a feature never before available in a cine lens.