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Options / Accessories

Lens Control System

For Studio/Field Lens

[Image] For Studio/Field Lens

For ENG / EFP Lenses

[Image] For ENG / EFP Lenses


[Logo] OS-TECH

Fujifilm's HA42x lenses are equipped with built-in OS-TECH, our Optical Stabilized Technology. This feature optically compensates for image vibration by use of the optical shift system. In addition, the TS-P58A adapter provides stabilization for any applicable ENG lens. As an additional feature, the adapter increases the lens magnification by 1.25 times making extreme close-up shots possible with shorter focal length lenses.

Stabilization system Optical shift system
Magnifi cation of focal lengh 1.25 ×
Power consumption DC12V, 4.2W (from camera)
Size H × W × L 150 × 120 × 58mm
Mass 0.84kg
Applicable lens HA10 ×, HA13 ×, HA14 ×, HA16 ×, HA18 ×, HA19 ×, HA20 ×, HA22 ×, HA23 ×, HA25 ×, HA36 ×, A13 ×, A18 ×, A36 ×, A42 ×

F-No. on the master lens becomes 1.25x.

Wireless Control Kit

New FUJIFILM Wireless control system

The newly designed Wireless control system is designed to operate in a wide variety of applications; from jibs and cranes, to hazardous locations, to everyday studios. The robust signal transmission system prevents outside source interference and features an operational distance of up to 100 meters. All lens operation features are controllable and operate smoothly. The change between wired and wireless is fast and it is possible to easily go from a tripod mounted camera with rear wireless controls, to on the shoulder use instantly. FUJINON's Wireless control system will work with any DIGIPOWER lens and zoom and focus controls. And, of course, it will control lenses in 3D configuration.

[Image] New FUJIFILM Wireless control system

Converter, Attachement, Extender, Close-up Lenses

[Image] Converter
  • Converter attachments that change the focal length of the lens to telephoto or wide-angle.
  • Extenders that double the focal length of lenses.
  • Lenses for close-up shooting involving small-size subjects and books, etc.
Optical Accessories (PDF:670KB)


Effects Filter

[Image] Effects Filter

Attach to filter screw portion of the zoom lens.

Effects Filter (PDF:603KB)