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Introduction of DLTtape®S4 data cartridge leads mid-range storage media into the ground of 1.6TB (at 2:1 compression).

Fujifilm's new DLTtape®S4 data cartridge supported by a proprietary Fujifilm ATOMM technology, realized high-capacity of 1.6TB at 2:1 compression (800GB native) with transfer rates of 120MB/sec. at 2:1 compression (60MB/sec. native) when used in the DLTtape®S4 tape drive. The higher-capacity and increased performance of DLTtape®S4 help meet the needs of rapidly growing data centers, increasing storage requirements and regulatory compliance directives.

High-capacity and increased performance meet the needs of backup and archival storage environments.

The high-capacity, and improved performance of Fujifilm's DLTtape®S4 data cartridge incorporates several technologies advances, including:

The Pivoting Optical Servo (POS) combines high-density magnetic data recording with laser servo guidance to provide an order of magnitude track count increase over previous Super DLTtape® products.
Laser Guided Magnetic Recording (LGMR) combines the best of magnetic and optical recording technologies. Since the optical tracking is on the reverse side, the entire front side of the tape can be used exclusively for data recording only (which is the one factor to realize the high capacity of 1.6TB at 2:1 compression).
Laser Guided Magnetic Recording
Advanced Tape-Slitting Mechanics increase the precision of the “slitting” blades necessary to create the half-inch tape reels from master rolls. This critical quality factor maintains consistent tape edge resulting and ensures smooth tape feed through the drive.

Enhanced high-polymer binder is a unique binders in combination with unique magnetic particles that result in increased durability of tape.

Sturdy, durable design

Fujifilm's DLTtape®S4 data cartridge is a cartridge with internal circular wall and structural ribbing, which realized a stout and sturdy case for safer handling and damage protection. Moreover, an enhanced mechanism of DLTtape®S4 data cartridge helps prevent accidental pin deformation from shock or vibration and maintains consistent record / playback, even after rigorous use.


A set of managing / security functions which diagnoses drive and tape, assigns a tape WORM features, gives electronic keys for keeping the cartridges from unauthorized utilization.

DLTSage Tape Security : gives electronic keys to prevent unauthorized access to the data on tape cartridge
DLTSage WORM : provides ••Write Once Read Many•• archival functionality and ensures the integrity of original content.
DLTSage Monitoring : enables to health check the drive and media proactively.
DLTSage Diagnostics : a tool box of drive and media diagnostics reduces the troubleshooting time and helps faster problem resolution.

Technical Data

Cartridge Type DLTtape®S4 Super DLTtape™ II Super DLTtape™ I Cleaning Cartridge
Basic Specifications
Tape Drive DLT S4 SDLT 600 SDLT 220 SDLT 320 -
Capacity (Compressed) 800 GB (1,600 GB) 300 GB (600 GB) 110 GB (220 GB) 160 GB (320 GB) -
Transfer Rate (Compressed) 60 MB/s (120 MB/s ) 36 MB/s (72 MB/s ) 11 MB/s (22 MB/s ) 16 MB/s (32 MB/s ) -
Number of Tracks 1,280 640 448 -
Cartridge Color Black Blue Green -
Media Durability(Nominal) 1,000,000 passes -
Estimated Archival Life 30 years -
Physical Characteristics
Tape width 12.65 mm
Tape Thickness 8 µm 9 µm
Tape Length 640 m 630 m 558 m 434 m
Cartridge Dimensions (L x W x H) 105.8 x 105.4 x 25.4 mm
Operating Environmental Conditions
Temperature 10 to 40 °C
Humidity 20 to 80 % (No dew condensation)
Max. Wet Bulb Temperature 26 °C
Archival Environmental Conditions
Temperature 16 to 32 °C
Humidity 20 to 80 % (No dew condensation)
Max. Wet Bulb Temperature 26 °C


Super DLTtape, DLTtape, the DLTtape and DLTSAGE logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Quantum Corporation in the USA and other countries.


ModelCapacity(native/compressed)DimensionsWeight(With case)
DLTtape®S4 800 GB / 1600 GB* 105.8 x 105.4 x 25.4 mm 220 g
Super DLTtape™ II 300 GB / 600 GB** 280 g (0.62 lbs.)
Super DLTtape™ I 160 GB / 320 GB***
110 GB / 220 GB****
Cleaning - 265 g (0.58 lbs.)


  • * When used in DLT S4 tape drive
  • ** When used in SDLT 600 tape drive
  • *** When used in SDLT 320 tape drive
  • **** When used in SDLT 220 tape drive



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